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You are ready to take the web by storm, but coding is all Greek to you? Let us be your guide and turn your online presence into a force to be reckoned with!

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Web Apps
Work wherever, whenever !

Custom web application development. Build a unique online workspace tailored to your needs, no installations needed!

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Dominate the market!

Outrun the competition by building an e-shop that everyone goes crazy about!

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Web Design So Good, Your Audience Will Go Crazy

Do you want a product that not only looks good but also helps you achieve your business objectives? So, let's create something amazing together!

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DeadPixel team

At Deadpixel, we like to think outside the boxes and get involved with the subject you are dealing with. That way we can fully understand your needs and create the best tools for you. We won't stop until we are all proud of the result.

Emphasising on your personal needs and style, we will help you create the website or web application that you need, specifically tailored to your needs. Make the difference.


DeadPixel Services

Web Design

Bring your brand's website to life and blow everyone's mind.

Web Applications

Create your own online tools and work from anywhere.

Ecommerce Design

Create the e-shop you've always been dreaming of and enter the market with a bang.

SEO Optimization

Draw the attention that your brand deserves and make it pop!

Domain & Web Hosting

Obtain a domain name and a safe space for all your website data.

Website Construction

Get your brand online with a new website built from scratch, using the hottest technologies.


So now that I have my website, can it later be converted to an e-shop?

Long story short, the answer is yes! If you wish you can upgrade your website to an online store for your products.

Even though our products are tailor-made to your needs, we always have in mind that your company is going to grow. That's why we construct your e-shop, so it can handle more clients, orders and products than you can imagine.

Conquering the first place on the search engine war, is not an easy quest. We stand by your side, supplying you with a solid armor for the SEO of your website, web application or e-shop.

Our goal is to satisfy your needs and wants. That's why the time and cost of each project, depends on your requirements.

Reach out and together we will find the ideal solution for you.

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